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1111 Church Street Residences

“There’s a very good relationship between Yates and Power Design here. James Karna is a really stand-up guy, and Pete always makes a point to meet with us when he’s here. The field staff is very receptive. They look out for our needs, and they know what the project schedule is. We all know getting material now is a challenge, but they do everything possible to ensure we hit our dates.” - WG Yates & Sons


Terry Elton, Sr. Superintendent
James Karna, Superintendent
Kirk Ferguson, Superintendent
Corey Mongillo, Foreman
Hector Rizo Rodriguez, Foreman
Joshua Smith, Foreman
Julian Henry, Foreman
Craig Miller, LV Superintendent
Dayan Gonzalez, FA Superintendent
Victor Correa, Mechanic
Cesar Garcia, Apprentice
Shannon Truesdale, Apprentice

"Let’s continue signing our names on skylines across America. Let’s leave our mark, together."

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