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In our business, your work is your signature - and we want to show off our teams by having you sign everything we build together! You've helped us leave a mark on our industry, and with our TradeMark program, it's your turn to leave your very own mark on the trade.    

Now, even when our projects are complete, the story behind them (all about our teams!) won't be. 

The key elements of the TradeMark program are simple, yet powerful: 

  • Once the permanent power milestone (Electrical Team) or TCO milestone (Systems Team) on a project is reached, we'll ship a TradeMark box to our Superintendents.

  • The Super will place the official TradeMark sticker on a panel in the main electrical room or in the FA/Safety and LV/AV room, and the project team will sign their names (leaving their mark!)

  • The project team will snap photos together on the jobsite and we make sure they're posted on the project's page on the TradeMark website (also accessible via the QR code on the TradeMark sticker)   


Questions? Contact us!

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