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St Regis Longboat Key

“PDI is obviously top-notch amongst the best I’ve ever worked with and worked for". - Moss & Associates


Rene Garza, Superintendent

Richard Sturgill, Superintendent

Larry Campbell, Superintendent

Joe Goetz, Superintendent

Efrain Riquelmy, Superintendent

DJ Hughes, Foreman

Doug Osborne, Foreman

Edgar Disla Garcia, Foreman

Hugo Rodriguez, Foreman

Jonathon Benson, Foreman

Jose Jeovanny Rivera Lopez, Foreman

Josue Tovar, Foreman

Luis Chang, Foreman

Luis Leon, Foreman

Phillip Ramos, Foreman

Thomas Neighbarger, Foreman

Walter Hackett, Foreman

Zayne May, Foreman

"Let’s continue signing our names on skylines across America. Let’s leave our mark, together."

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