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Novel Beach Park Apartments

"I've worked with you for about 6 years now, and I have nothing but good things to say about you all. You guys are kind of the model for consistency, you know? You guys always provide service. If you need manpower, you get the manpower. Your level of management is spot on. Quality control is great. You've really been the model of consistency over the years." - Finfrock


Troy Watson, Superintendent
Bobby Welt, Foreman
Daniel Torres, Foreman
Rolando Rodriguez, Foreman
Walberto Hernandez, Foreman
Walter Mantilla, Foreman
Daniel Orsini, Apprentice
Chase Hlad, Apprentice
Nicholas Martin, Apprentice
Russell Baschuk, Apprentice
James Henderson, Apprentice

"Let’s continue signing our names on skylines across America. Let’s leave our mark, together."

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