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Waller Creek

"Leaving my mark on Waller Creek is crucial to me as it showcases my dedication to excellence and ability to handle complex electrical distribution systems, reflecting my professional growth and contribution to a project which will forever change the skyline of Austin, TX." - Rob Rogers, Project Manager


Walter Naranjo, Sr. Superintendent 

Andre Winslow, Superintendent

Steven Noska, Superintendent 

Ethan Morris, Foreman

Greg McComas, Foreman

Jose Lopez, Foreman

Fernando Ochoa, Apprentice

Larry Gutierrez, Project Safety Specialist

Walter Naranjo, Field Engineer

Fernando Ochoa, Apprentice

John Hoots, FA Supervisor

Gregory Clodfelter, FA Tech II

Reuben Leon Payan, FA Tech II

William Holloway, FA Tech II

Joe Lopez, FA Tech I

Eddie Sanchez, DAS Supervisor

Jose Pereira, DAS Tech II

Jose Gregorio Gutierrez Gil, LV Tech II

Travis Stout, LV Tech II

Juan Calderon, LV Tech I

Ronney Martinez, Systems Tech II

"Let’s continue signing our names on skylines across America. Let’s leave our mark, together."

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