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Optima Kierland 7190

Optima Kierland 7190 3.jpg
Optima Kierland 7190 4.jpg

"Building a team, building a region. It takes diligence and hard work to build from the ground up. Great job PDI Field team!!" - Dusty Sletten, Sr. Superintendent


Daniel Soto, Sr. Superintendent
Dusty Sletten, Sr. Superintendent

Michael Webb, Superintendent
Edward Tippit, Superintendent

Mike Graf, Superintendent
Forrest Scherman, SOT

Darrell Pink, FOT
Jacob McReynolds, FOT
Antonio Urbina, FOT
Craig Lhokta, FOT
Nate Ferguson, FOT
Joshua Armstrong, Foreman
Eric Davis, Foreman
John Lobato, Foreman
Justin Hofsas,
Dave Lange, FA Foreman
John Maas, LV Foreman


"Let’s continue signing our names on skylines across America. Let’s leave our mark, together."

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