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Now, even when our projects are complete, the story behind them won't be.


Platform 3750

Florida Two

Current Builders

High Density

Miami, FL

Square Footage: 459,597

Pine Ridge.JPG

Pine Ridge

Florida Two


High Density

West Palm Beach, FL

Square Footage: 275,198

The Grand Project.jpg

The Grand Project

Florida Two

Moss & Associates

High Density

West Palm Beach, FL

Square Footage: 445,604

Pompano Station.JPG

Pompano Station

Florida Two

Verdex Construction

High Density

Pompano Beach, FL

Square Footage: 733,982

Icon Marina Village.jpg

Icon Marina Village

Florida Two

Balfour Beatty

High Rise

West Palm Beach, FL

Square Footage: 844,000

A-2 Morse St (Union Market).JPG

Palm Beach River Stone

Florida Two

Hedrick Brothers

High Density/Mid Rise

West Palm Beach, FL

Square Footage: 642,157

Riverwalk Boynton Beach.JPG

Riverwalk Boynton Beach

Florida Two

Coastal Construction

High Rise

Boynton Beach, FL

Square Footage: 724,525

Atlantic Crossing Building VI.jfif

Atlantic Crossings Building VI

Florida Two

Urban5 Constructors

Mid Rise

Delray Beach, FL

Square Footage: 219,324

Modera Coral Springs.JPG

Modera Coral Springs

Florida Two

Mill Creek Residential

High Density

Coral Springs, FL

Square Footage: 649,889

Hialeah Apartments.JPG

Hialeah Apartments

Florida Two

Related Group


Hialeah, FL

Square Footage: 768,071



Florida Two

John Moriarty and Associates

High Rise

Surfside, FL

Square Footage: 360,243

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