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3rd and Brazos

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"Being successful on projects like these take a common vision we all must buy into. This has to be established early in the project . With your team, set 3 values that carry on to the entire team. 1) Being straight forward 2) communication is key 3) being acccountable. These were our core values that we continue to build our team from. This sets the standard for how we handle our teams, day to day operations and builds trust with each member of our crew. We are successful as one team or fail as one team, but we hold each other to those standards. We must or we cannot rely on each other. That is my advice and I feel it works!" - Mike Spiering, Labor Manager


Juan Bravo, Superintendent
Mike Spiering, 
Ethan Morris, Foreman
Jared Giles, Foreman
Paul Kasson

"Let’s continue signing our names on skylines across America. Let’s leave our mark, together."

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